Narrated Adventure Logs

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Now that I have them completed and mostly perfect... (1st adventure log is supposed to have music backing but grooveshark is having issues at the moment.)

I would like to call your attention to the Narrated Adventure logs that BWF will feature. I worked hard on getting the stuff set up and our voice actor buddy StephanosRex deserves the credit for being awesome and putting up with my antics. Credit to my crazy players for coming up with a cool campaign setting all in one play session and good support for the feature play logs. I am sure it will only get more awesome as we work together to bring the game world to life more.

In case you're wondering what the hell I am blathering about ... have a look for yourself at our "Adventure Logs": update complete with the aforementioned Narration - (Note it has 3 parts.).

I am a terrible Portal-er and am still a week behind so there will be another narrated Adventure Log going up hopefully this weekend and then we will settle into our proper pace of one a week a week behind actual play.


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