Problems with invites? Look here!


  • Micah
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    If you're having problems with campaign invites, let me explain the system a bit:

    When you send out an invitation to your campaign, the only way we track it is by the e-mail address. As long as your player signs up using the e-mail you provided, the invitation is waiting there for them.

    However, a lot of people using different e-mails for different things. For registering on a site like this, they might use a different e-mail, in case they're afraid of getting spam (won't happen...). That's fine, but it just means the system won't recognize them when they log in.

    In that case, the DM needs to cancel the original invitation and re-invite them using the login name they chose when they signed up. For example, if the user signed up as "tabletopper", just type that into the invitation box and click invite. They will get an e-mail and as soon as they log in, the invitation will be waiting for them.

    So, if your players say they can't join your game, just ask them for their login names. Put these into the invitation box and you'll be set!
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