Make Party/Campaign's NPC list visible when adventure logging

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  • Tikanni
    Posts: 9
    It would be nice to see the party list that appears on a campaign's main page when you're writing an adventure log so you can recall/correctly spell names. It could be more useful if it included the NPC's and maybe even the url-friendly names for both afterwards in quotes to help link them in the log.

    So in the right column you could have something like:
    PC 1 (pc1urlname) by OPID (obsidian portal id)
    PC 2 (pc2urlname) by OPID
    NPC 1 (npc1urlname)
    NPC 2 (npc2urlname)
  • geekevolved
    Posts: 75
    Considering the sheer amount of NPCs that one could create, perhaps a nifty java box that lists the NPCs with checkboxes which then places them on the side so that you can remember them more easily?
  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    This is a really good idea. Perhaps a search box or auto-suggester that doesn't reload the entire page but just a small piece. I may have to toy with some ideas, but the basic suggestion is a great one: make it easy to get the id or slug for a particular NPC.
  • photoneater
    Posts: 182
    I think this would be pretty helpful, actually. It's amazing how much time I spend juggling windows while updating an adventure log just to make sure I have accurate NPC slugs et al on hand.
  • FemmeLegion
    Posts: 521
    I like the idea.

    Though this reminds me that I should probably take the "dramatis personae" list I just copied over from EY into the Vale and actually turn them all into NPCs instead. Oy. =)
  • IceBob
    Posts: 98
    This is the reason that I just tell my players not to bother linking NPC's, and I just go through it later and add in links. This feature would make my life considerably easier.
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