NObisidian, .Net library for Obisidian API access released

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I have been developing a .Net library for accessing the Obsidian API in the last month or so. It is currently in a usable state, with most of the methods implemented and working apart from the Dynamic Sheet api, which I haven't started with it yet.

The library cannot create characters right now due to the problems I already posted in this forum, which are without answer so far, so any help on that matter would be more than welcome :)

The sourcecode can be found on the following URL

License is MIT so you can do almost whatever you want with it, but I would like to hear from any use you make of it.
There is a crude test tool as well in the source control that can be used to learn how to use the library.

I will be more than happy to fix any bug it can arise and maintaining it uptodate with the Obisidian API.


PS. I know code is not the best, but bear in mind it has been coded in late nights after work ;) I will try to tidy it up a bit soon.


  • Ragnarol
    Posts: 16
    Just realised the typo on the name. The new, and right, address for the library is:

    Without the extra "i"
  • Laslo
    Posts: 7
    Thanks for putting this together Rag. I've started using it myself.

    I ran into an issue on my part, thought I was trying to log my user in when actually I was supposed to be logging in the application first.
  • Ragnarol
    Posts: 16

    Let me know if you need help with something or you think something can be improved.

    I haven't touch the library in a while, although the character creation should be sorted by now.
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