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It has come to Duskreign's attention, and mine, and possibly others, that the "Random Map" feature on the front page consistently returns a 404 message and it bugs me enough to make a post about it. In fact, after refresh-clicking several times I've yet to not get a 404 return.


"Heurdenvaar(vstraydogstrutv's current campaign)":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/heurdenvaar
"Shared Creations(A repository of helpful RP information)":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/shared-creations


  • Duskreign
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    I think when they did their most recent update to the system, they changed the way maps are stored so that the random url generator isn't grabbing them anymore. This may be a simple tweak, or it may just mean scrapping Random Maps altogether until a more sophisticated solution presents itself. Hrmmm...
  • GamingMegaverse
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    I have also commented on this in the past- they should also try to grab only active campaigns... A lot has changed in the general appearance of the average campaign just this year, and most of the campaigns that come up are 2-4 years old.

    "A God...Rebuilt":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/a-god-rebuilt

    Just trying to help out.

  • vstraydogstrutv
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    Yeah. I mean, I'm not sure if it's worth putting in a ticket for, but I definitely agree that -- in order to better present OP -- there should be some hotfixes to the aforementioned items. I don't usually go trolling for quests to look at, but I know many others do and the ability to catch fresh creative content should certainly be a main selling point to get people to ascend.
  • vstraydogstrutv
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    I concluded that if I'm going to throw my lot into some of this conversation I should know a little more about what I'm talking about.

    So I clicked on the Campaigns link to see what I could see.

    As far as it goes, they have a filter system in place which is good: Sort by status, Looking for players, Sorting (by most popular, recently updated, alphabetical), and System. Then down at the bottom they still have the Top Rated Campaigns, but if memory serves they did away with the rating system, correct?

    My thoughts would be to expand the filter system to include checkboxes in order to finer tune the search criteria, and the systems section would be a drop-down with default "All Systems."

    Example - Show all campaigns with the following criteria where these boxes would be checked:
    * Status - In Planning and Currently Playing (checked)
    * Sorting - Most Popular and Recently Updated (checked)
    * System - D&D 3.5e (selected from drop-down)

    This would return (obviously) all recently updated popular D&D 3.5 campaigns that are currently being played or are in planning. This would allow users to more easily access the things they are interested in.

    I dunno, I think a more robust filtering system might address some of these concerns.
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  • vstraydogstrutv
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    Ah! I just noticed they fixed the random map feature! Thanks, Micah and crew!
  • GamingMegaverse
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    Yes, thanks Jerry, Micah, et al...

    Just trying to help out.

  • Morrinn
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    Ah, excellent. I really dig the random map feature.
    Nice work, gang.
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