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I tried to use the referenced library for .Net (sunrod) but found out that the codeplex code is just stub classes without methods really accesing the API. I have a long term plan of doing an application for helping GMs run a game, and one of the key functionalities I had in mind is integration with Obsidian.

So, I have created my own library for accessing the API. I have the OAuth and GET methods working, plus the container classes, as well as a test application. I plan to have the update/create methods in a couple of days, and then I will upload it to Codeplex to make it available for every one. But if someone wants to have a look earlier I can upload it earlier.

I post here just to let you know my work and also to check if any of the Sunrod developers is around, I plan to do my own library anyway but knowing if sunrod is still alive (or was at any point) would be great.

Happy coding,
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