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I'm playing a play-by-post game with a friend of mine. We're using the forum to play and after 3 days of enthusiastic posting, we've got a forum thread with 4 pages and growing.

I'm just thinking about putting the game into a format where other people could enjoy reading it (though I'm wondering if I care and if I do, why I do). Once the first chapter has reached a conclusion, should I post it up in the Adventure Log, dotting i's and crossing t's? Should I have a link to each chapter in the Adventure Log, each link leading to the forum for that chapter?

What do other folks do with their campaigns?


  • magavendon
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    For my campaign I post adventure logs and stuff for all my players to go back and look at.

    In addition to this I create wiki articles for all the different things in my world to give background information about things that may never even show up in the game.

    I don't think anyone reads any of it... so I think you should go for it!
  • Sommerset
    Posts: 32
    There's no easy answer, Judd - especially as your campaign grows. My campaign does PBP as well, interspersed with tabletop games. We keep the Adventure Log solely as the records of the tabletop games, and the forums cover the story in between. Take a look at my Reader's Guide to get a rough idea of how we've laid it out -- and one of my players is also working on the thankless task of transcribing each forum into it's own wiki entry.

  • arsheesh
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    I've only ever done one "PbP thread": at my Tales of Darkmoon Vale site, so I don't have allot of experience here, but what I did as a way of saving time was to just come up with "Adventure Synopsis": for our pbp with a link to the forum thread. I used this strategy for all of my adventure log write ups, hoping that the players would take the initiative of writing their own journal accounts that I could link to from the synopsis. This met with moderate success at first but I found that these logs tapered off towards the end of the campaign, leaving me to write ever longer accounts and thus stretching the term "synopsis" beyond the breaking point. However, this might work as a solution for you. If you just want a quick sum up for you and your players (and of course anyone else who cares to read them), this is what I'd suggest.

  • bevinflannery
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    I actually use a Wiki page to do pbp on Obsidian Portal for some of my players, as I find it a hell of a lot easier to clean up formatting in a wiki page edited by myself and the players in a back-and-forth exchange, to turn it into an Adventure Log, than to use forum posts. I even have the option to email a notice to my players when I've added my parts to the work-in-progress.

    For example, "this Adventure Log Post": was originally drafted by myself and the player using a Wiki page dedicated for his character, which is linked of "this page.":

    For other players, we just do pbem and then I take that email exchange and turn it into an adventure log post. For example, "this post": was drafted in email, where we "forwarded" our responses back and forth to each other and made additions at the end of the email.

    And "this particular post": is a compilation of exchanges with all the players in my group, some of whom did their portions at a live table-top session (and which I wrote up), some which were done by email, and some that were done using a Wiki page.

    The other Adventure Log posts are either write-ups by me of weekly live sessions (like "this one": ) or "interludes" of things the NPCs get up to off-screen (like "this one": )
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