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So as part of my class project this summer, I was tasked to building and deploying an android application out into the market. Being the gamer that I am, I wanted to do something that involved games, mostly RPGs. I remembered that Obsidian Portal had an API that I had looked at from time to time, so I decided to build a basic application.

If you are interested, the application can be found on the "android market": I would greatly appreciate any feedback you can give me and have created a place where you can log any errors or feature requests "here":


  • BeefGriller
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    Very cool. I just downloaded it to my Droid and will try it out.
  • GamingMegaverse
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    Got it... A good viewer. It is too bad for you that OP came out with their updated mobile site recently, because this app is better than the old way, but OP's new app lets me edit from my phone, which I use.
    "A God...Rebuilt":

    Just trying to help out.

  • Xphile
    Posts: 3
    Working on the editing process, it just fell down the priority list as requirements for the class took priority instead
  • Baalshamon
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    Off to download this right now.

    "Star Trek Late Night":
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