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You could have wiki, characters, items, maps as seperate tabs. Click on the tab and you get a list of all posts in the that section. Check the boxes of the ones you wish printed and then click print. This would allow GM's and players to print a bunch of notes quickly and easily. As currently set up, printing is a pain. I have to cut and paste to word then print. This is time consuming and a print function would go a long way towards making OP great. Another aspect of this would be to print all the items clicked in as little space as possible. perhaps creating a line break on the page after each clicked item. This would allow someone to print alot of wiki pages on a few peaces of paper. I realize that the formatting for this may be difficult but I do hope it is possible.

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    This is a feature that would be valuable to GMs and players alike who still use paper and pencil at the sessions. This printer friendly format could require alot of thought but would make Obsidian Portal much more useful.
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