Can a campaign that has ended still win Featured Campaign of the Month?

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Good afternoon friends, I have a hypothetical question for you all. Can a campaign that has come to it's natural conclusion and therefore has ended still be eligible to win the Featured Campaign of the Month contest even after it's end? Feel free to chime in everyone as I'd love to hear what the community thinks of this one.


  • Baalshamon
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    A campaign that is ending or in planning should be eligible but what actual criterea is needed to become the campaign of the month is a bit of a mystery to me. I realize that votes are a major factor so I would say get alot of people on yourside if you are trying to get featured. Good Luck

    "Star Trek Late Night":
  • arsheesh
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    I don't know Dyluth, I guess that would be up to the powers that be. But does this mean your superb "Dawn of Darkness": campaign is coming to a close? I sure hope not, because, while I've said it before, it is one of my top 5 favorite campaigns on the Portal. I would love nothing more than to see it featured before a broader audience, whether or not it is coming to a close.

  • Dyluth
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    @Arsheesh Well eventually I imagine it will, but I still have a full two acts to run through in the game so it won't be anytime soon I can promise. Thanks for the awesome words as always my friend, I truly respect the praise of a committed and talented GM such as yourself!

    However no, my reason for asking is because I am working on my second "One Shot" Star Wars RPG that I might be running at a convention in August, and I was wondering that if I am ever able to put this campaign (or the first one for that matter) up on OP if it could be considered for the honor, even though it's already finished by the time I have loaded it up to the site?

    Hopefully time will permit me to do this one of these days:)
  • DamienMaster
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    I don't see why not (though it's really an OP decision of course), with thousands of campaigns here, one could easliy 'discover' an awesome, long derelict campaign worthy of the kudos.

    I think Campaign of the month should be awarded to a great site and a great game, not one that is currently playing. I tend to run a differnt system every 6-12 months which means when my current one is done, I won't get back to it literally for years, though I plan to 'finish' the site- And I hope that doesn't disqualify me from the vote (not to be presumptous!)

    As for YOUR campaign Dyluth, let me know when it's submitted and I'll happily join the chorus of praise to get you across the line, if anyone's site deserves COTM it's yours!
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