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Has anybody used this effectively yet?
I only just started a section where I have a separate page for the Deity of each player - with a section for all to read, a DM section and a section for DM + Player.
It all seemed to work fine for me, but my players all tell me they couldn't read the "Player Secret" bits.

I have definitely NOT ticked the "WHOLE PAGE GM ONLY" box.
Please reply if you have used this feature effectively. I have built it in as an essential component of my campaign!!!!


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    works real well in the WOD campaign I am playing in but it does require the players to actually use OP which only half our group does on a regular basis.

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    Yes, we use it as well. There are 2 ways we use it.
    1- Any updates to PC's, done by GM or Player, goes in there. That way we both know what has been done.
    2- Actual secrets that the players are keeping from others.
    I have been really happy with it, but it is not integral, at least not yet. I require OP participation, and since we are literally all around this country (plus 1 in Canada) all are happy to use it.
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