GM seeking female Droid (mini) for gaming and good times.

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Hi guys

I'm running a D6 Star Wars campaign and use the great (if now out of production) WOTC minis... however I'm having difficulty finding a decent female droid.

The actual illustration I did is here:

Of course, I'm not expecting to matchthat- but hopefully it gives you a ballpark for what I'm after.
I'll be pleased if I can find any C3-P0esque vaguely female, humanoid droid with a feminine face/head. Don't care what line of minis it comes from and happy to customise form multiple sources.

Post a reply or send me a messge!

Thanks a lot...


  • Multitasking_GM
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    I just took a look at your picture for the droid and I actually saw a mini that a friend had this past weekend that might be perfect for what you want...
  • DamienMaster
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    Fantastic Knight_of_the_Aster, I just ordered it- thanks a lot!

    If anyone esle has any further suggestions I'll still check ithem out...

    Thanks again.
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