Seeking Advice for a High Tech Bank Robbery Session

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Hello fellow players and GM's! I have a question and I'd like to turn to you all for advice because you have never let me down before. In my next session of my Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness campaign my players are going to be robbing the contents of a highly guarded bank vault. I have a few ideas for some high tech security obstacles as well as some more traditional traps, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for cool and amazing sci-fi/fantasy ways of guarding a bank vault that would REALLY leave my player party with their jaws on the floor.

I'm talking about any idea from a trap that sucks all the oxygen out of a room if an intruder is detected to a vault door that's actually a killer security droid in disguise just waiting to attack a would-be robber. Or it could even be an elevator that lowers the whole room down 1000 feet into the planet's crust that's triggered when a break-in is detected. Any and all ideas are welcome and I eagerly await what you have to share.

This method of gathering ideas worked out quite well with my Mind Flayer interrogation session so let's here what you all have to say!:)


  • gnunn
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    My first question is, what is the nature of the society in which this bank was built? Is it run by a crime syndicate or other organization that would have no qualms about/face no repurcussions for killing intruders on sight, or is it preferable to detain them for questioning and hand-off to the proper authorities with a possible "deadly force" option as a tier 2 escalation?

    Some amusing options might be rooms that fill with sedative gas that has amusing side effects like hallucinations. You could wind up with the whole party, or better yet, half the party thinking the guards sent to arrest them are giant kittens on fire who are mewling to be rescued... or maybe something more insidious like major figures from their back stories.

    Running with that thought... the gas could be a sort of truth serum intended to forcibly instill honest behavior in potential perps, so that they will turn themselves in, with the side-effect being that they confess their darkest secrets openly and without prompting. You could request that each of your players submit one or two dark secrets to you before the game without telling them why (preferably stuff that could cause intra-party conflict. e.g. "I slept with your sister") then you put the secrets into individual sealed envelopes with the characters' names on them. Anyone who is affected has to open their envelope and read the contents out loud.

    Final idea: Have them meet Batman, or your world's equivalent super hero sent to thwart the robbery.
  • Dyluth
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    First off Gnunn those are some great ideas, especially the truth serum in gas form, but first I should answer your question. The planet this is taking place on is a major Core-World bank, home to the assets of a great many pan-galactic corporations. The planet is home to a large contingent of Imperial forces (regular military, Stormtroopers & Naval forces), and they are sure to have some of the most sophisiticated tech in the galaxy safeguarding their assets. I would say that the bankers would prefer to take would-be robbers alive, but like their Imperial counterparts would have no qualms about shooting them on site. I hope that helps and thanks for the great ideas!:)
  • DreadGazebo
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    Haha, I can only imagine what people might think if they stumbled across these forums not knowing what they are all about. This thread title alone is enough to send men in black suits to your door Dyluth!
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