New to OP, Can I Run a Game Here?

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I just found this site, and I was wondering what can I do actually ON the site. I see, so far,that I can use it as an easy place to 'home' a game, enter a lot of info and have a good resource for myself and my players, as well as being able to keep a blog about my game and a calendar and such. All of this is awesome...

...but can I run a game ON the site? I've been using to run games both for myself (selfish!) and for my friends who no longer (and some of us never did) live near each other, so it's now impossible to run games face-to-face, so we use play-by-post options to keep out group alive, as well as find new players to play with.

Can I do that on/with OP's help?


  • arsheesh
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    If you have a paid ("Ascendent") membership, then you have access to the "Forums" tab of your campaign site, which allows you to post threads (for some examples of this, check out "this": site). I've seen some people run pbp campaigns in the forums of their campaign. However, since I've never played pbp myself I'm not sure how well this compares to other sites set up for pbp.
  • bevinflannery
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    I would actually recommend that you simply use the wiki to run pbp if you want to do it here -- and you don't need to be Ascendant to do it.

    All players in your game can edit the Wiki page, and simply open it up and add whatever they want to it. Whenever you think it has gotten "long enough," you can then move the text to be a post in the Adventure Log, and start fresh on the wiki page. I use this method as a supplement for my "live" game to do "between sessions" role-playing for some of the individual players in my game -- the PC gets his own "Notes" page and we take turns adding to it. At an appropriate break point, I will take cut and paste the text into an Adventure Log post. At times, the "between sessions" pbwiki has involved more than one PC. I see no reason why this wouldn't work for running a solely pbp game.

    I'm over on as well (Bevin Flannery there), running a "non-canon" pbp version of my campaign world where the PCs from my weekly playgroup never existed. The only reason I don't use Obsidian Portal to help support that game is because I don't want to draw the players attention to all the background info.
  • amerigoV
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    I ran a short pbp here. I used the Forum for the rough posts and the Adventure Log for the final, clean story. Feel free to check it out:
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