Happy Victoria Day!!

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Hello to one and all! I just wanted to send out a big ol'Happy Victoria's Day to my Canadian cousins here on the Portal. I hope you've all enjoyed the day off and can (weather permitting) enjoy some fireworks this evening too!!


  • Poutine_Paladin
    Posts: 285
    Thanks, Dyluth. I'm not in a "days off" kind of situation right now, but my wife's days off are Sunday/Monday, so at least she got paid to stay home today, right? And not sure where you live that does fireworks for Victoria Day, but we only get ours on Canada Day out here in BC. But happy Victoria Day, to you as well, my friend.
  • Dyluth
    Posts: 92
    Thank you Poutine_Paladin and yes, getting paid to stay home is quite nice too:)
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