Reviving the Fantastinomicon (I hope)

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Hey everyone, I started this project a LONG time ago it seems and we had some pretty great contributions, but then I sort of let it fall by the wayside. A shame, I say, and to that end, I have resumed work on it! For those that are new to the forums and haven't seen the Fantastinomicon, it's a repository that I started, along with some other prominent OPites to collect generic gaming tidbits, from items to scenarios, locations to monsters, we offer rule-less descriptions for use in your games. My first new contribution is a list of 5 different fantasy/medieval ruling bodies, for drag-and-drop use in your game. I have included names, some descriptions, and some thoughts on how they work.

If anyone of the new faces on the forums has anything that they would like to share with other DMs, this is the place to do it! If you're interested in contributing, please either join as a "player" or you can send me the information you'd like to post. I hope to get the ball rolling once again!

"The Fantastinomicon":
"The Ruling Class":


  • Duskreign
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    Hey, buddy! I love it!

    Please, if anyone has any cool ideas that they aren't necessarily going to use for their own game, and the ideas would apply nicely to a medieval/fantasy game, toss them here in this thread! More contributors to the Fantastinomicon can only be a good thing. SO SAYS DUSKREIGN!

    edit: Actually, FemmeLegion added a character a few days ago! I went in and did some sprucing up, added a few banners where appropriate, etc.
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  • DarkMagus
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    Hey Gaaran!

    Glad to see this excellent idea getting some new life breathed into it! I love "The Ruling Class", that was a very cool idea.
    The banner work looks great Dusk!

    If I think of anything to add I'll definitely let you know. :)
  • gaaran
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    Even if you guys don't have any ideas to add just yet, feel free to join the page, so that when you do get the inspiration, you can add whatever you like!
  • arsheesh
    Posts: 850
    Cool! I'm glad to see that this repository has been revived. One of these days I'll see about contributing to it as well.

  • DungeonMasterLoki
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    I'll try to toss out some contributions once a few weeks go by. Up to my eyeballs transitioning everything to OP (a lot is on paper, not digital). Love the concept, but then again RPG crowd sourcing has helped me refine some of my best works.

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  • RaseCidraen
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    Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B Select Start!

    I'm trying to think of things to throw up to the FNOMCN, but There's so much that I have planned for the campaign you're in Gaar :)
  • VentureSix
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    Great idea then, great idea now! I'll see what I can dig up!
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