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I just pushed version 0.3.0 of mage-hand. You can get it through the usual gem install or from github:

This new version has a couple new features. First we support users, campaigns and wiki pages. Campaigns can sort their wiki pages into posts and regular pages. I also added support for what I'm calling inflation. If you have a mini object (say the campaigns for a user). If you reference a field in the campaign that isn't in the mini-object it will grab the full campaign, through the API, and inflate the object in place with all of the data. This simplifies your code because you don't have to worry about how you got this reference to a campaign. You can always get the data you need.

This could be a little dangerous. Like ActiveRecord it is possible to make some really slow code because it is just transparently inflating stuff for you. I'm thinking about an optional configuration to turn it off. At a minimum, I'll add logging so that you can see when it happens.

It should be fairly simple to finish the object types at this point, but I really hate not having tests. So next steps are

1) test coverage
2) documentation
3) improved logging

If somebody wants to help out, fork the project on github and send a pull request with your changes.

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