File Folders - OF DOOM?

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Hello again! Nonsense coder at work, again.

I'm working on developing (yet again) some other piece of rediculousitude, and I'd like some help streamlining my html.

I've cobbled this together from memory, so it needs a bit of tightening up, and I don't have the brain for it right now. I'm trying to generate a "file folder" feel for various projects that I've got cooking in my head. I have the images (mostly - not entirely happy with the look, but the code is the important one right now...)
I'm trying to make this easy for players to edit (also me, if I forget things). I also need to annotate it properly, but, well, that's simple enough...

My initial thought is to, instead of making it three alternating images, perhaps combine the images into one (with an asthetically pleasing alternating pattern), have it set on repeat to go down the page (getting it to loop properly would be tricky, but doable, I suppose - the self-overlapping thing would be a pain in the butt.), and then have the final folder close out with an image bottom (Full folder). That way the links could just be a block of text unto themselves, resting in the div proper, and could be positioned to encompass whole tabs instead of the links. My code-fu is lacking today. Any advice?


****The First Folder, Left Aligned****

****The First Folder Label, Right Aligned (Needs adjustment)****

Aurora Project

****The Second Folder, Center Aligned****

****The Second Folder Label, Center Aligned****

Burora Project

****The Third Folder, Right Aligned****

****The Third Folder Label, Right Aligned****

Curora Project

****The Fourth Folder, Right Aligned****

****The Fourth Folder Label, Right Aligned (Needs adjustment)****

Durora Project
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