Achievements in Shadowrun

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So, I've decided to play around with the idea of achievements in the face-to-face Shadowrun game I'm starting. I've gone to the TF2 Achievement Generator "website": and made a somewhat lengthy list for the players to see. I've also included a few hidden ones, mainly relating to things that can happen at a session, but aren't related to the game itself. (Things like paralyzing the whole group with a joke.)

If you're curious, take a look at "this": page of my wiki to see the public list. Feel free to suggest others; if you can point out an appropriate image from the generator, that'll help too.

I'm not sure yet if I'm going to include any sort of in-game benefits for these, like Karma awards or other bonuses. I don't want these to be exploited if I do, so any suggestions in that regard would be very helpful.


  • RaseCidraen
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    That's absolutely fantastic! Consider the idea thefted!
  • VentureSix
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    Agreed! I was thinking of using the XBox Live achievement style (, but this is much slicker. Using this for the party as a whole is a no-brainer, and I may try to figure out how to do this for individual players as well.
  • LonePaladin
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    Nice thing is, I don't have to revisit the site to edit these; the relevant info is in the code. Means I can use one that has a counter, and just update the numbers to show progress, or locked/unlocked status.

    The tricky part is finding images to use that don't show obvious TF2 stuff (like, say, the Spy).
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