Lodestar - Like Joss Whedon and Gary Gygax had a baby.

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[And what an odd, big-headed baby that would be.]


I have no idea if I'm stepping on any toes -- I've been using the OP for several months now, but this is my first foray into the official forums. I'm only doing so, because I'm proud as punch of the work my players have been doing, and I'd love them [well, and me a little] to get some recognition and the "kudos".

If you have some time swing on down to our campaign:

In between tabletop sessions, my players use the forums to keep the game rolling -- and I have been lucky, blessed, and a little cursed with some exceptionally gifted writers. The collaborative storytelling at play is something I haven't seen in quite some time, and something I don't think a lot of other campaigns feature. That's not counting all the work one of my players has done coding the wiki, and whipping up some custom banners for us. If you get a chance to swing by, we'd love the attention and any constructive criticism or ideas.

Word to the wise -- for our campaign, the Adventure Logs only cover our tabletop sessions -- each written from the perspective of a different character. The real action is in our forums. "Behind the Curtain" and "In Hindsight" are OOC threads, but everything else is in chronological order, by the last date posted.

The campaign is run using the Pathfinder rules, and the first arc was run using Paizo's "Crown of the Kobold King" adventure -- the rest of it is all custom. Well -- except for the umpteen thing that are obvious "homages" to other fantasy properties I've loved.


Thanks for your time and consideration,


  • gnunn
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    "There is only one man who would DARE give me the raspberry!... LODE STAR!!"

    Sorry... couldn't resist.
  • Sommerset
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    Ha. Spaceballs references should never be resisted.
  • Sommerset
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    Heh. Don't all go read my campaign at once. Stop PUSHING.
  • Sommerset
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    Page breaks in the forums! Woot! Big ups to the OP staff.
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