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  • friendlypickle
    Posts: 26
    Great feature!

    I've really been enjoying using this to "pass notes" to my players and get their feedback and keep the game going in-between sessions. Plot has developed. Drama has occurred. Mystery has been discovered. Everyone is intrigued with intrigue. Paranoia is running high. Looking forward to the melt down next session. Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
  • Rasselas
    Posts: 1
    I don't have access to this feature yet but I am very excited about using it as soon as I sign up for an Ascendent membership. It's an excellent feature added to an already excellent product!
  • friendlypickle
    Posts: 26
    Maybe I'm an idiot, but I can't seem to find a way to delete these. I ended up with a bunch of little ones but got over my brain cramp and figured out how to accomplish what I needed to do with 3 player windows. Now I'm left with 4 or 5 extras created but don't see a way to get rid of them. Help?
  • kingfrog368
    Posts: 4
    Pickle, I am in *exactly* the I accidentally created a stack of extras once while I was figuring out how it works, and haven't found a way to delete them yet.
  • friendlypickle
    Posts: 26
    OK, found out how to do it. Go to the one(s) you want to delete. Delete everything in them, uncheck all the boxes, make it completely blank then refresh the page. I was able to get rid of all of them that way. Good luck Kingfrog!
  • kingfrog368
    Posts: 4
    Thanks much! All is well with the world now.
  • okami00
    Posts: 4
    Just checking in to give you an opinion - this is a cool feature and is very useful for play by post games.
  • Carey
    Posts: 1
    Fantastic addition to Obsidian Portal! Are Players able to add info to the secret box as well or only DM?
  • HurstGM
    Posts: 205
    The players can add things if they are added to the secret.
  • IanTSmall
    Posts: 1
    I have one, perhaps odd, suggestion.

    Can we have player secrets that are secret to the GM? So, real player secrets? I am planning to run a campaign with a co-dm, who will eventually take over part of the campaign completely and I will switch to the role of being mostly the player. (We are going to use John Wick's "The Flux" rules, this makes more sense if you have read them)

    Basically I want my co-dm to be able to make notes for herself, while I am oblivious to them.
  • bluesguy
    Posts: 127
    This is a great option and I plan on using it regularly.
  • cvdv
    Posts: 1
    Great feature but its anoying only having the Save button down the bottom of the page rather than on a sidebar or something. Also why would I want to be constanctly emailed about changes I am making? ie. Not sure exactly why my OP-ID is always selected when I'm making and edit. Is this feature going to stay? Does the secret panel still need a disclaimer at the top?
  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 2,994
    If you go into your profile, you can uncheck the updates box, and then you will not get them.
    "A God...Rebuilt":
    "Duskreign's First Ever COTM":

    Just trying to help out.

  • erlanter
    Posts: 3 edited February 2012
    I signed up for ascendant today to gain access to secrets. I adore secrets -- I encourage players in my campaign to invent them, and spend a lot of time working on personal quests in relation to them.

    My biggest wishlist item is the ability to create entire pages that are "GM + player"-only. I have NPC stubs in place for characters that only certain players know from their backgrounds, it would be a huge convenience to share them with those players. This could easily apply to wikis, items, and even adventure logs. Assuming interface is a barrier to implementation, following are thoughts that might help.

    * *Replace "Entire Page GM Only" with "Access" dropdown*--move the "Entire Page GM Only" to the top of every page and replace with an "Access" or "Visibility" drop-down of checkboxes that default to "All" but allows the GM (or players) to be selective about which members can view it. This would allow access modifications to be opened up and edited without taking up much space.
    * *Replace "GM Only" and "Add Player Secret" with one "Add New Section" button*--this button would work like the current "Add Player Secret" button and include within the access drop-down mentioned above.

    Thanks for the awesome feature. I think you've done an amazing job with Obsidian Portal and hope to see more.

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  • Inquisitor_White
    Posts: 1
    This feature is brilliant! The game I am running is only just starting to take shape on here, but this is quickly becoming a key feature of my information passing.

    I use Paranoia Pads in game for players to pass secret communications, and I am almost tempted to transcribe all my Paranoia Notes Passed into this - though that would be a lot of work! I love using it for setting up plots and twists between sessions.

    It was confusing at first with it appearing under the GM secrets section - but I found it, and have been in love with them ever since (I possibly need professional help).

    Unless I have missed it (possible), I would love a way to reorganize or delete them.

    Would love to see this available on other pages.

    Thanks for the awesome feature!
  • Captain_Pengie
    Posts: 1
    Good feature but I'd like to see a 'title' added to each secret entry. If you add multiple secrets each of which may be viewable by a different set of players you start to forget which is which and need to open them all before being able to edit/view the correct one. Instead of the top bar showing "GM + player1 + player2 etc" it should allow entry of a title for the secret and the visibility settings can just be in the check boxes once the secret is opened.
  • Eldiablo1227
    Posts: 2

    I see worlds crashing down. Need help with regaining title. Feet are starting to hurt. 

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