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  • dahlillama
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    Hello, I'm Andy. I'm a new GM and I'm starting up a campaign for a few friends using the WEG Star Wars system. I'm really liking the site and I hope I can put it to use for me.

    I found the site through Treasure Tables, which has also provided me with a wealth of GM-ing help.
  • Micah
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    Hi Andy,

    "TreasureTables":http://www.treasuretables.org is really a great site, and I feel honored to be listed there. Martin publishes really great advice about being a GM, and even thought I've only been following it for about a month, I think it's totally changed my perspective on gaming. Now, I try to see past all the rules and stats into what actually makes the game fun for the players and me. As long as everyone has a good time, the game is a success.

    Anyways, thanks for signing up!
  • Skade
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    Glad to see a WEG star wars campaign. I've moved over to D20 but I loved my old games.
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