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So I've recently started trying to get a group together to run an awesome campaign, but we've had some scheduling issues. To build up the feeling for the session, I really want to do something to boost the campaign! Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I flesh out my character's home village? How much detail should I go into?


  • Duskreign
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    Rase, I need more info, buddy!

    1) What is the setting? Is it Planescape?
    2) Do you have an overall plot idea?
    3) Is it going to be dark in tone, light hearted, or anything in between?
    4) What is your money/time/effort budget for the session?
    5) How long a campaign are you planning?
    6) How is babby formed?
    7) Is seven the best number of questions, or is it seven the even betteriest number of questions?

    Answer me in a whisper or private message if the answers would spoil anything for players who may happen into the thread.

  • RaseCidraen
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    I wish I had it in me to DM another campaign! (Actually, I may, once I get a real life group together.)

    This posting, in particular, was directed at the little group gaaran and I joined to try and get a campaign going on the webbernets, and we formed up about a month ago, and we've been trying to get a session together with only bare success. I haven't seen our DM around at all, which is sad.

    That being said, Dusk has kind of inspired me to perhaps get ready to put my game face on and prepare something for whenever I do get a group together! (And here I was hoping to be just a player...)

    1) If I'm putting the hat on again, I don't know if I'll be doing Planescape - It's a setting that I'm not very well suited for: I rarely use it to it's full potential - I'm rubbish at designing encounters, and having too many options in the form of planes and too many types of too powerful enemies paralyze me. It's probably going to be something that I can ease my fiancee into, so probably something that's a bit friendly for new people.
    2) I hadn't been thinking of plot, but that's something that's currently gearing my mind up - potentially some sort of Rags to Riches story with eventual Keep-ownership... and probably an Airship. This Forum is entirely too chock full of good ideas.
    3) If I were going to start something, it'd probably be in between, but leaning more towards dark - not Cthulu dark, but enough where the heroes seem like a ray of hope.
    4) Money/time/effort budget - time I can spare, as my fiancee would love me getting my butt in gear to throw a group together. Effort, likewise. Money? I'm not Bill Gates, but I imagine I'd put a bit towards the campaign - I'm already drafting up plans for a gaming table (in my head - but that's how I work. Sketches and CAD drawings, followed by blueprints, come later.)
    5) I've never had a lifespan in mind for a single campaign I've run - Half the time, I don't expect them to make it out the gate. So I simply make them as open ended as I can, and find a plot line and grab hold of it for dear life. When it peters out, I have no clue!
    6) babby is formed by first, writing down a backwards d, then following it by a lowercase first-vowel, then the first two initials (lowercase) of the Better Business Bureau, followed by the not-quite-a-vowel.
    7) Seven is the best number of questions, but betteriest is a betteriest descriptor.
  • Poutine_Paladin
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    Damn, still not first...but close.

    I like the "detail the starting point" concept but also fleshing out the characterization of NPC's that the characters are likely to encounter is always good. Players need to be invested off the start, I find, so creating interesting characters for them to engage with is paramount. "A wizard gives you a noble quest," isn't as memorable or engaging as the insane necromancer obsessed with small figurative sculptures who demands your attention with his squeeky, unauthoritive voice but commanding use of language...etc.

    I always tend to go far to "large scale" and want to get into global (or continental) politics/relations and tend to lack in the local/specific area development, partially because I'm ambitious, but admittedly partially because specific is harder than general. Trying to correct this myself, so my advice (for what it's worth) to others is to focus on the area that the PC's will be able to get to immediately, and work outwards as the story progresses- rather than narrowing down a global view to a particular region.

    Okay, not sure if I'm helping at all, but I'm a bit nervous because I'm in the title of the thread, so I feel like maybe I should say something profound? Anyway, thanks Rase, I appreciate the early go at it. My short answer: characterization.
  • Duskreign
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    You know, I saw that Rase started a thread, ignored the title, and went straight to work trying to help him with his question. I had no idea the honor of dibs was yours, fair Sir Poutine. I relinquish the reins of this thread unto thine capable hands, and bid thee glad tidings!
  • Poutine_Paladin
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    Nooooooo! Do NOT relinquish a thread to me. Mine capable hands are not suited for such a venture, sir...I'm sure his intent was not to ask me a direct question, but to attempt to get my opinion in earlier in a thread, as a few of my recent posts were jokingly about how I always end up agreeing with others rather than opinioning myself.
  • Duskreign
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    Let's tackle these points one point at a -point- time.

    *1) If I
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