Is there Going to be a Contest for November or December?

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Hello, I have a question about Obsidian Portal contests and what not. I was wondering if there was going to be a contest for the month of November or possibly December, one such as the "Squidgirl" contest and the "Your Most Important Roll" contest. I only found out about the squidgirl contest too late to join, but I had a lot of fun with the most important dice roll contest and would love to see another one put on by the portal, if not this year then hopefully in the new year.


  • Everdark
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    I'd love to see a contest for November or December too. I haven't gotten the chance to enter one yet but I'd absolutely love to. Good looks, Dyluth. =)
  • Poutine_Paladin
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    I concur. Contests are always awesome, and even though I have yet to participate (but looking forward to doing so) I think they are a fun, entertaining way to bring the community together on another level.
  • Duskreign
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    I would be thrilled to take another crack at an Obsidian Portal contest. I only held back from getting involved in the Your Most Important Roll contest because I had just won the Squidgirl contest and I thought it would be inappropriate to try again so soon.
  • Idless
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    I just don't remember any important rolls

    I thought about asking some friends to participate. They made a great video, entirely in slo-mo with Chariots of Fire playing: A guy rolls, dice land on a 10, everyone in the room congratulating him, lots of important people from the con comes to shake his hands, the entire main hall cheers at the news - back in the room girls throw themselves on him, and he is handed an award... ABRUPTS, text is shown: Sorry, there are only loosers in roleplaying! (one has to understand danish humor to get we roleplayers would make mean jokes about roleplayings. )

  • DarkMagus
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    Speaking of memorable rolls this reminds me of a time way back in highschool or just after when I had a 2nd edition campaign where one of my players was a Wild Mage and an entire battle was fought where the player forgot to roll their die to see if a wild surge happened. It was brought up at the end and some people were just like let it slide, and others were like its a 1 in twenty chance just roll it, not like its gonna happen. Since he cast 4 spells he rolled 4 d20 and I forget what the number was, I think the early teens, like 12-14.. Anyways he rolls all four dice at once and three end up as his number!! It was hilarious!

    (I dont think I stuck to it and made the rolls count, but I don't really remember the results. It was the rolling 4d20 and having 3 be the one number he was avoiding that sticks out.)

    I had compltely forgot about that till now. Good times!
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