The Lumbering Dead

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I was hoping to draw on some of the knowledge and creativity of the community. I am creating, or attempting to create, a fully workable zombie rule-set and campaign. So far I have come up with the base classes. The Classes are pretty straight forward and I have the hitter done so far and will get to them in order as quickly as I can. If any of you have ideas on other classes, I am trying to make them very vague classes, like a hitter could be someone who played sports like baseball or cricket (kinda reminds me of Casey from Ninja Turtles). The Resilient could have been a boxer, etc. This way the player would be able to customize each one to their liking and hopefully I can start up on prestige classes for even more customization once the basic rules are in place.

This brings me to skills, now I am trying to base this on D20 modern rules, but loosely, I am trying to make it unique. I want to incorporate defensive construction, so for example players find a well defensible house and want to board up the windows or construct a tall stockade fence around the perimeter.

Another skill could govern over firearm management. I would like to incorporate firearm jamming and degradation, making firearms very powerful but somewhat unreliable. This would force the PCs not only to venture out into danger and keep it interesting but it would also see that classes are not more or less powerful than each other. For example, the hitter can't take out zombies as quick as the shooter but the shooter could have a firearm jam, run out of ammo, or other unfortunate but very real issues you would run into.

I want to make this as close to real life as possible, what issues would you run into while holding up against the undead? what different kind of undead would there be? fast zombies? smart zombies?

Anyways, if you guys have any ideas don't be afraid to post them. I would like to hear from you even if you think its a stupid idea, because sometimes its not.

Here is the link to the front page.
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