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First, a disclaimer: This discussion is intended for individuals that have reached their state/country's _legal_ drinking age. In no way am I condoning underage or irresponsible drinking. If this post violates the established Forum Etiquette Guidelines (from what I could see, it does not), please feel free to remove it and accept my humblest apologies.

That being said, let's get on to the fun stuff:

"Rase Cidraen": and I were discussing cocktails in "this": thread, and Rase brought up the idea of compiling a list of Roleplaying-inspired drinks.

Now, some of you may run a dry table, and that's OK - I'll be the first to say that nothing kills a gaming session more than a drunk player. However, I subscribe to the belief that a well-lubricated roleplaying group has less inhibitions and aren't afraid to get _into_ their characters.

We used to start each session with a "Jager Bomb":, but after a few years that got boring. From there, we started trying out new shots periodically, and even tried to create our own (I do not recommend trying the _Rune Lord_ or _Mammy's Puss-Puss_ - both of which were inspired by Rise of the Runelords, and of which both are TERRIBLE!).

However, we have found the "Wounded Dragon": to be delightful. And for the _Call of Cthulhu_ enthusiasts out there, I highly recommend a "Bloody Brain": - it's not only tasty, but apropos for an evening of insanity-inducing craziness.

So, please feel free to add your own thoughts and recipes. The purpose of this post should be to educated other gamers and provide inspiration for your gaming group's resident mixologist.



  • Bagel
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    *The Phizzlebaum*

    * Store brand Dr Pepper knock-off
    * Spiced Rum
    * Grape Kool-Aid mix

    Named after a roguish halfling I played in WFRP, this drink should ideally be served in a stein, chalice or other ridiculous non-modern container.
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  • FrankSirmarco
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    Is that sweetened or unsweetened grape Kool-Aid mix?
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