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I'm considering starting a new game, set in the same world as the one I used for my existing "Sanction of the Athar": D&D game, and as I thought about how I'd organize it, something occurred to me: I've done a lot of world building in that original wiki, but there's also a lot of stuff there that applies specifically to that campaign, rather than to the world in general. To make things simpler, and keep things consistent, it would be really nice to be able to share pages between two wikis seamlessly.

*How It Works*

For two wikis, A and B, a totally transparent link can be created. A user creates a link on Wiki A, with the format [[Optional Link Text|Wiki B/Page Name]]. Users browsing Wiki A who click this link are shown a page on Wiki A, for which the database simply fetches the contents from the specified page of Wiki B.

Links on the page served up are converted in this way automatically, allowing entire page complexes to be mirrored on an as-used basis. The server needn't store any of this, just handle it when served up, although it could cache the pages to the second wiki to reduce processing at the cost of code complexity and storage.

If both campaigns are owned by the same user, users with editing rights on either wiki can edit the page. If not, the page can only be edited by users with rights on it's original home (Wiki B, in this example), to prevent this feature being used as a back door to editing pages without an appropriate invitation.

*What It Looks Like*

A link, just like any other wiki link. The less different the better.


  • Curufea
    Posts: 161
    Shouldn't it use namespaces?
  • ChainsawXIV
    Posts: 530
    Namespaces in what context? Conceptually, or in some specific technical sense?

    Conceptually, the _Wiki B/Page Name_ notation above could be described as calling out the definition (content) of _Page Name_ from the _Wiki B_ name space, but this is explicitly meant to be transparent to the end user. In essence, it's a declaration that the _Wiki A_ and _Wiki B_ name spaces are conjoined on whichever _Page Name_ is used, rather than each containing separate definitions for that _Page Name_. That relationship could be defined centrally, in the form of a shared pages list or some such, but doing it on an as-used basis like I suggested makes it a lower profile change overall.
  • Curufea
    Posts: 161
    I mean conceptionally as a way of organising different sublevels for a wiki (or even external wikis).
    Define a namespace to be Wiki A, and another to be Wiki B, etc. These may or may not be on the same server and they may or may not follow a hierarchical order (ie both A and B being subdirectores on the main OP server).
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