Obsidian Portal Additiction.

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It's offical. I'm addicted. My first act upon coming back to the country from Ireland was to check Obsidian Portal.

The Pie God officially has his server's in me.


  • Takissis
    Posts: 37
    I've been here what...2 weeks? I think I spend more time on OP then I do doing my school work. Hell, I think I spend more time here than I do gaming....
  • FrankSirmarco
    Posts: 250
    Hi, my name's Frank and I'm addicted to Obsidian Portal.

    I forgot to eat dinner Sunday night because I was working on my wiki page.
  • Takissis
    Posts: 37
    Oh that's normal for me. If I didn't have my husband asking what was for dinner it would never get cooked.

    But to put it in reference. It's 845 am and I'm working on my page. Not a big deal, except that I didn't sleep last night because I was working on my page.
  • RaseCidraen
    Posts: 890
    There's something about this place. Magical, full of wonder and possibilities. And it makes you want to strive for greatness. (Sadly, I've been neglecting my wiki lately, but I make the excuse of not having a brainwave about anything, and also not having enough playtime with my group :( )
  • Alatheon
    Posts: 35
    Food and sleep are largely optional. Gaming is not.
  • Takissis
    Posts: 37

    Now if I could just get others to understand that, all would be right in the world.
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