Mortal Funkbat!

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How do the OPie-ites get through their own personal funks?

Also, if anyone wants the recipe for a great birthday cake-pie, I've got one!


  • Duskreign
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    I'll tell you when I'm through it, Rase.
  • Embirsiphone
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    My personal funks tend to just slam into me and I just persist to be as optimistic as possible.. which is sort of insane but it helps me.. plus ranting and raving to a close friend helps..
  • Duskreign
    Posts: 1,085 edited September 2010
    Violence, Rase. I solved my problems with violence.

    *Umami, the Optimist*
    Pink Elf
    Ranger 6, Illusionist 2

    Str 13
    Dex 15
    Con 14
    Int 17
    Wis 18
    Cha 17

    Racial Features:
    *Cute Pink Hair*
    _(+2 to Persuasion Checks versus guys that are into that sorta thing)_
    *Shining Optimism*
    _(+5 to Endurance Checks versus Funks, Wagnalls, etc...)_
    *Encounter Power: Kill'em With Kindness*
    (Immediate Interrupt)
    Charisma vs. Will
    _When an enemy targets Umami with any attacks of the Sass or Rude subtype_
    _Umami avoids all damage and returns fire with a kind word or friendly gesture,_
    _causing the enemy to regret their decision to be such a b$%ch to her to begin with._
    *Daily Power: Rant & Rave*
    _Umami chooses any willing adjacent ally. She uses one of her ally's healing surges and_
    _splits the restored hit-points between herself and her ally._
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  • RaseCidraen
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    Sometimes everything can be solved with judicial application of a hammer. For everything else, there's C4.

    I much applaud your character building. If only I could understand what you mean by healing surges. Also, I rather envy the rapidity you cooked that up with!
  • Duskreign
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    Crap, Rase, I forgot...

    In 4th Edition D&D, tending wounds involves using a Healing Surge, which recovers 1/4 of your character's total HP. During combat, one may use an Encounter Power (only once per battle) called Second Wind, which allows you to use a Healing Surge and gain a bonus to your defenses until the end of the fight. In my game, you have to be bloodied (less than half of total HP) before you can even use a Second Wind. Between fights, first aid and triage (non-magical healing) also use Healing Surges, of which you have a set number you can use in any given day, which is reset upon getting a full rest. In combat, there are several classes that have powers enabling people to use their healing surges without having to use Second Wind, or to use one of their own healing surges up in order to heal another person, help them make a missed saving throw, overcome a status effect, or even grant Temporary HP to a front-line warrior that could use the extra mettle.

    I meant to explain that as soon as I saw you mention it, but I plum forgot. Shucks.
  • RaseCidraen
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    Oh, no worries! I figured it was something like that, based on one of my 3e character's feats "Heroic Surge", which is more of a last-ditch anything than one of healing. That's one of the most cogent explanations of 4e I've ever heard though! The way you talk about triage reminds me of the way my Doctor behaves in a Sci-fi campaign I'm playing in: He's got cleric levels, but he hates using it - even though it takes longer, he'll go around bandaging troops normally, only using magic when it's absolutely necessary. He only cheats a little bit when he's doing surgeries.
  • Curufea
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    Have lunch with my wife, take a day off work, eat chocolate and play computer games all day.

    Sadly, it only happens very. very rarely (about once every 10 years) - I'm far too chipper almost constantly.
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