Player viewable only character sheets?

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Is it possible for a player to create a character that is only viewable by themselves and the GM?


  • Sodium_Noir
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    I think this would be a great idea and a vast improvement on the alreday great system. If GM's can have GM viewable only pages how about just such a page for all members so they can use the OP to store character sheets. Or a way fro the GM to add a single other memebr to certain of his GM only pages.

    This way the GM and the player can track thier character and the GM can see what traits the player has, can update XP at a later date and go in and give stats fpor that 'kewl magic dword you found last week'. It would also ensure that the player is working off of a sanctioned sheet.

    This would be especially useful for online games such as PbEM where players need to keep sending in updated sheets for the GM to keep a check on and a variety of other issues.
  • Curufea
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    I'm mostly thinking of players that have characters with secrets that other players should not be aware of :)
  • WadeL
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    Having any option to say "The following content should only be revealed to person X" would be awesome, honestly. We've already sort of got it with the GM-only sections.
  • Forsaken
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    I was just thinking about how useful this would be myself. My character is pretty secretive and plays things close to the vest.
  • MasterGameMaster
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    Even as a referee, which I normally am, would find this immensely useful. Even better, might be multiple sections that can have different people attributed to view and or edit! So one player can have some info secret from some of the players but allow others to see it.
  • Calion
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    +1. I have a character whose class is a secret, so he's been reduced to putting ? in the "class" section of his sheet (if certain other characters found out what his class was, there would be big trouble--in fact he's already killed one PC who found out--I love party conflict). Of course, the other players could just pretend not to know, but I find it's more fun if player knowledge=character knowledge.
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