How did you get here?

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  • photoneater
    Posts: 182
    Or, perhaps more to the point, how did you end up coming to OP? I'm just curious to see how different users found their ways to the site.
  • outrider
    Posts: 46
    came here from Treasure Tables Forum. Micah talked about it and I checked it out. Treasure tables is a excellent DM site in my opinion.
  • tsutherburg
    Posts: 9

    I seem to recall that I was wandering the web. Started off searching in google for 25mm figures. Hit a few sites. Went back to the ones that looked good and checked out their links.

    One linked to Treasure Tables and from their I jumped here.

  • dungeoncrawlers
    Posts: 32
    Oddly enough I was checking my MySpace messages one morning when a text link popped up that said "Your Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Online" - peaked my curiosity, and so I clicked it. Have been a member ever sense.
  • Charsen
    Posts: 85
    I think Micah posted about this at the University of Iowa role-player association mailing list a while ago. Can't remember... back in Spring 07 maybe? It's been a while. I think Micah was a senior when I was a sophomore at UI... Micah, were you the president of HRPA? I can't recall anymore. Blah. My memory is ruined. Thanks a lot *college*. Sheesh. :(
  • TroyAlford
    Posts: 33
    I had decided to write my own game tracking system and publish it to the web for my players, but made the smart move of seeing if something similar was already available somewhere. After a short google search, I found OP and after comparing it to it's "competitors" realized that the choice was obvious.
  • Micah
    Posts: 894

    I actually founded the HRPA, I think it was when I was a junior. That must have been around 2001 or so. The main thing I wanted was the ability to create an email mailing list, and you had to be an official student group to get one from the University IT department. So, I came up with the HRPA, copied a template for the constitution, and started the mailing list. Then, I posted some fliers in the dorms and several people joined the list looking for games to play in. I'm not sure if we ever succeeded in bringing people together to find games, but I can hope that we did.

    The people that took over after me did a good job of expanding the group and doing more promotional, group-type stuff. Still, I can always claim that founder status ;)
  • Charsen
    Posts: 85
    HRPA was a great mailing list and I found some of my best friends on that mailing list, actually. I'm certain I would have never met these people without the mailing list, so I'm very thankful for it. I was also president for a year (2005/6), and we had two "Bring a Newbie to D&D night" events, plus a Halloween D&D Night, that brought in dozens of new players and mailing list folks. It was a great success, and we had to call in emergency DMs to help with the massive amounts of newbs! ;) We established a website with a custom forum for each game for free, and that worked well for a while...

    But the group passed to another person this year when I graduated. Unfortunately I don't think they had enough time to continue working on the group. :/ Last I heard, the mailing list was disbanded when the new president didn't turn in the paperwork. But some of my undergrad friends still on the list are saying they are trying to resurrect it.
  • geekevolved
    Posts: 75
    My friend AidanDark found OP on the Wizard forums and introduced it to us.
  • FemmeLegion
    Posts: 521
    It was a suggested link courtesy of GMail. Much more interesting than all the "save your relationships" suggested links I was getting (my characters tend to get into lots of angsty love affairs).
  • PolletteIrieska
    Posts: 26
    Like FemmeLegion, I found it through GMail. It was probably responding to all my KA correspondence. I came not because I wanted to post a campaign (VERY newbie at the DMing), but because Knowledge Arcana is always looking for new contributors and I wanted to scope the place out. I'm definitely gonna be recommending that we at least add it to our resources links. This is a great site for gamers like me without a close group.
  • RobJustice
    Posts: 178
    I found the site because it was mentioned on a podcast I listen to "Dragon's Landing Inn":
  • wyrmul
    Posts: 36
    Another who got pointed here from Dragons Landing Inn
  • IceBob
    Posts: 98
    Like the lovely ladies above, I was directed here by my GMail - and I maintain it is the best link ever served to me in that fashion.
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