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  • deadshot
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    Hi everyone,

    I found the site from reading Treasure Tables and think its a great idea. I have started a section for my Ptolus - Runic Street Boys campaign that has been running for just about a year now. I have been role-playing for about 25 years now mostly D&D but have played a little bit of everything from Top Secret, Palladium, Robo-tech, Blood of Heroes, Role Master, etc.

    Up to this point I have been keeping a site of our group's escapades at so feel free to check it out for all the backstory of things. I have sent out the invites to my players and hope to get some stuff on this site very soon.

    Thanks very much for starting it, Micah and I look forward to reading through the rest of the adventure logs and sites in the days (weeks, months!) to come.

  • Micah
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    Welcome Christian!

    I really like your site. I have seen several campaign websites, and the quality of yours is quite good.

    I have tried running sites like that in the past, and it always became too much of a burden. I used hand-coded HTML, and updating the pages just got to be a huge chore. I thought about using blog software or something similar, but it never had the sort of features I wanted in a campaign website. So, Obsidian Portal was born!

    If you're serious about reading the adventure logs, a great way to do this is by subscribing to the RSS feeds. If you're unclear as to what this means, check out "this article on RSS feeds": By using a feed aggregator, you'll be able to easily check which of your favorite campaigns have recently been updated.

    Thanks for signing up!

    P.S. I noticed on your site that several of the PCs have changed race (ie "turned into lizardfolk"). Were there some wacky and zany reincarnations? A few of my PCs have cycled through multiple bodies as well...
  • deadshot
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    Thanks for the compliments on my site. I used Dreamweaver to make the pages so I was able to update a bit more like a blog once it was done. However, my wife and I had a baby 6 months ago and free time to those types of updates have taken even longer than usual. That's why I was looking for a 'one-stop shop' for rpg content management which I think I have found here.

    As for the changing of races, some of the details are in the last post of our adventure logs entitle the Sun Disks of Gaen. I have moved all the character journals over to OP now and am going to work on getting the aspects over in the days to come.

    Thanks for the hints on the RSS feeds. I use Sage for Firefox so it will be very nice to have the feeds in one place.
  • Skade
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    I just checked out your site, it is very nice. Do your players really appreciate work like that for your campaigns? I have never had much luck interesting my players enough to really make my efforts worthwhile.
  • deadshot
    Posts: 16
    Thanks for the compliment, Skade. My players are quite good and enjoy the site development. In fact, some of them pester me to get to work when I get behind on the adventure logs (I am two behind right now!). We have had some turnover in characters and players so I have some other updates to do but I am hoping to do more of that sort of stuff here at OP. One of my players is really going to work on building a great character sheet in textile which we hope to have implemented by all the group characters very soon.

    I will likely keep up the work on the other site for now. Hopefully as OP grows and adds more features having to keep a coded site like mine will be less and less necessary. I have high hopes for OP! :)
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