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  • tsuyoshikentsu
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    Hey all! I'm Tsuyoshikentsu. If that's too hard, I've gone by Tsuyo, Tsuyoshi or TK in the past.

    I've been playing 3.X D&D since it came out, and have actually worked on a book. (I helped get precision damage into the Rules Compendium, if you care.) I've dabble in a number of other systems.

    Not much else to say that isn't in my bio. :D Happy trails!
  • photoneater
    Posts: 182
    That's an impressive statement for a gamer to make. Me, I just spill soda on the character sheets and occasionally get smacked for making castles out of d6s. Anyway, welcome to the site!
  • AidanDark
    Posts: 56
    Soda spilling is akin to the divine.
  • photoneater
    Posts: 182
    bq. Soda spilling is akin to the divine.

    I believe it actually falls under the jurisdiction of the Luck domain.
  • dungeoncrawlers
    Posts: 32
    We just call it "casting create water" - a particular player spills a drink. Every game session. It never fails.
    In fact, I think he's the only human being on the planet who has actually had a bottle of water spew all over the place like a soda that's been shaken up...
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