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  • Mamelon
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    Hello, Obsidian Portal. My name is Mamelon, and I just joined this weekend. I'm working on getting all of my campaign information online, which may take me a while as there is a good bit to format.

    I'm really liking my experience so far, as wiki-ing about all of this has been very fun. It reminds of back when I was a regular writer. It's a very inspirational exercise, and I like the idea of being able to share it openly with a bunch of people.

    Photon Eater and Ethersphere are members here, and I know both of them from non-internet contexts (roommates, and Photon Eater is my brother). They were the ones who directed my attention to this place.

    Hope to see more of y'all!
  • photoneater
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    Welcome, it is good to see that I can still make an Intimidation check work for me. I'm glad you finally started Blackthorn, because it gives me an excuse to further convolute Gilda's backstory.

    Anyway, welcome!
  • AidanDark
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    Welcome welcome :)
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