A fairly new GM here

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  • RockTheHouse777
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    I've been playing table top RPGs for about two years now. I've recently (See: 6 months) started GMing for my group of friends and I'm loving it. The system I have the most experience with is Mutants and Masterminds, I've been using it less and less for super hero campaigns though. My current epic is about space pirates and the end of an empire. Obsidian Portal is helping a lot since I like to convolute things with factions and masses of NPCs that the players probably don't care about.

    So yeah, that's me.
  • photoneater
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    Welcome to OP. I think you will appreciate the resources available- they do a great job of helping to create an identity for a campaign and also give you a great feeling of permanency.

    Also, it's nice to see another space epic pop up!
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