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  • ethersphere
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    Hey all. I'm introducing myself after having been on the site for something near a month, I think. I kept meaning to say something but every time I log on I get so engrossed in updating my campaign, heh.

    Anyway, I'm Josh, aka Ether(sphere), and I love D&D and similar tabletop systems. I'm also a huge, unapologetic console RPG addict whose favorite series are Dragon Quest, Shin Megami Tensei, the Tales Of series, and Xenogears/Xenosaga. Currently I'm running a campaign called Bodhisattva Complex that, while in its infancy, is probably the campaign I'm proudest of. I try to keep thigns current despite life and her intricacies, so if I slouch a little in updating I apologize.

    Also, I should mention that I joined at the behest of my partner of five years and going, photoneater. I'm really glad people have taken to his d20 Modern/Future campaign, because it's truly one of the best I've seen.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hi finally. I'm really loving everything about Obsidian Portal and am veyr thankful to the admins/etc. that it's here for us. I hope to get to know you all very well =)
  • ethersphere
    Posts: 4
    Also yuck. My typing skills are severely lacking today.
  • Micah
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    It's OK to be a forum lurker as long as you're updating your adventure log and wiki. That's why we're all here: to show off our campaigns ;)

    Keep posting!

  • photoneater
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    Hey there, you! I was wondering if you were ever gonna introduce yourself.
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