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  • Dire_Wolf
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    So I found this site the other day and immediately thought it was a great idea. I used to have a Wiki for one of my older games but to be able to share stuff like NPCs would just be awesome. I am going to pimp this site on some of the gaming message boards I am on and see if that gets any traffic over here.

    I am working on creating a new campaign world, something I have started in the past but never completed... like almost every project in my life. I have found so far though that the Wiki helps me build lots of ideas quickly. I just start writing on one page and the name of a town or an NPC comes up, I just throw the link tags on it and then after I am done with the page I am on I click on the link I just made and put some blurb on that page which may lead to yet another page.

    Good stuff, I am really liking it so far. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this site. I may be trying to put one of my other established campaigns up on here as well. We'll see.
  • Micah
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    The whole purpose of the site was to encourage people to be better about tracking their game content. It's just too hard to store this stuff in notebooks. I've used blogs and wikis on and off for a couple years, but I finally decided that RPGs demanded their own custom system. I tried to pull the best (I hope) from all the different tools, and this is the result.

    Please do spread the word! However, the best way to advertise for us is to post great campaign write ups on your adventure logs and then link to that. There are banners that we've prepared for you to use to link to your campaign from other sites and forums. Just look for the Campaign Banners sidebar on your main campaign page.

    Thanks for signing up!
  • photoneater
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    Yes, by all means, strongarm your friends and make them sign up here, too! Or, you know, you can resort to a more considerate means of spreading the word, but still. :)

    Anyway, welcome, and enjoy your time here!
  • Jason
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    Hiya Dire Wolf! We've exchanged pleasantries before, I think on the Harping Monkey forums. Sounds like you're the reason I got here, too; I can't remember which podcast it was that mentioned this place (Dragon's Landing?), and unlike most of the places mentioned in podcasts where I think, "Oh, I'll check that out," this time, I actually did!

    Glad I did, too! I'm hoping to actually keep my campaign going for a bit (at four whole sessions, it's now closing in on the longest-running campaign we've managed to pull together yet!), but key to that will be accepting that we can walk away from it for a while, come back, lose players, gain players, etc. And to do that properly, I've been looking for a good combo wiki/blog setup. Been here for a few weeks, and so far, Obsidian Portal fits the bill perfectly. Thanks for so circuitously clueing me in about this place, Dire Wolf; and thanks to you, Micah, for making such a great tool!
  • FemmeLegion
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    Hi there!

    I have to admit, it never occurred to me how a site like this might actually help with the creative process.

    Maybe one of these days I'll be creative on a grand scale instead of just with characters. =)
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