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    hi My name is mike and I discovered this site through the treasuretables website. My campaign is Beldorn and its 27 years in the making throughout the history of Dungeons and Dragons. The original Beldorn went from 1975 from original D&D to the early part of first edition of AD&D. The original campaign has gone to legendary status much like Atlantis.

    Beldorn has gone through AD&D first and second editions as well as 3.0 and 3.5 adapting and improvising throughout that period. What I did was to do an age for each of the editions. First age was original/first AD&D, second was AD&D first, third age was AD&D 2nd and 4th age is a combination of 3.0 and 3.5. This allowed me to deal with the changes in things like level restrictions, class restrictions and class additions and changes.

    you will see things from other settings Carse came fom a company named Mikemia press, as well as the city of Jonril from the Raymond Feist series, the dieites came from a 1979 dragon article about a place called the Forgotten Realms but have been modified since then. Pavis comes from an older edition of Runequest and other influences have been the Arduin system and some of the basic role play rules for games like Stormbringer.

    I have players who have been with me since 1980 and we still get together on regular meetings. Their old characters have been worked into the history of the world. I have new players who are attempting to make their mark on the setting now.
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    Hi Mike.

    I really like your 'each edition is a different age' concept. Was thinking of doing the same thing for WFRP, as a lot of the classic campaigns/supplemants from the original edition aren't being reprinted and there are some big differences between that and the 2nd Ed versions. Especially with magic.

    So in keeping with its world-is-upside-down theme, 4th Ed D&D will be the Apocalypse of Beldorn eh? ;)

    Steve G.
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    Oh, wow! This sounds a lot like the Yggdraverse I've been sucked into. I can't wait to see your archives so I can guilt-trip my GM into doing more archive work. =)
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