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Was just wondering if there are many gaming parents out there... I'm due in july (lol currently in the process of rolling up a character lol) and was wondering how you manage games with littlies. I for one am hoping to have a little gamer as I have found great enjoyment in gaming.


  • sandman
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    Congratulations! You'll get a level 1 human!

    "Level 1 Human Baby":
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  • vstraydogstrutv
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    Haha awesome, sandman.

    I personally don't have any babies, but several of my friends at the table do. If you're gaming at your house, it shouldn't be too bad, just bring the baby monitor and expect to be away from the table frequently. If you game somewhere else, it will probably be damn tough for the first four months or so, depending on your parenting style. I suggest spending your next few skill points in Profession (Mother).

    PS: Grats on your new arrival!!!!!!
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  • gnunn
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    My players and I are not parents yet, but we often reiterate our intentions to play tabletop rpgs with our kids once we have them. Two of us have also worked with kids as educators (one is a grade school teacher, and I worked in museum education). You may be interested in checking out Chatty DM's blog. He is a father who plays with his kids and occasionally "writes about it": . I think the key to playing with kids is to keep things simple, and to let their imaginations trump the rules as much as possible. I personally think RPGs can potentially help parents engage with their kids in make-believe, and help kids to develop their natural imaginative ramblings in a way that can build focus, storytelling, problem solving and creative skills.
  • JimTriche
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    I have an awesome woman who watches the kids and lets me have Friday night for gaming.

    When they get old enough to grasp the concepts, I'll introduce them gradually, but for now we have Catan and Carcassone and Alhambra to teach them logic, reasoning and general mathematics. My oldest is reading the Shadowrun Core rulebook, but she doesn't get it quite yet.
  • sandman
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    I think we could shift the focus of this thread to: *"Choose a name for jemmasmum's baby"* we could even throw some level 1 names for humans... choosing the class will be difficult though.. hahahahaha.

    Now seriously: I don't have kids (and don't expect to for some years) but I now I would love to have RPGs as a common hobby with them, and as a way to bond. It's also an interesting way to develop a child's imagination and creativity so I think of RPG as educational as well.
  • jemmasmum
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    lol baby already has a name picked out :) its going to be jemma lol

    I have some friends who game and have children, the older ones get into gaming with their parents when they can. My main immediate problem is that i plan to breastfeed so it might make games a little uncomfortable, especially as i recently moved and dont know anyone in newcastle (AUS) who games (well anyways, am slowly getting contacts).

    I too think RPG's have fantastic potential in helping parents bond with their children (we can certainly understand an imagination :) )
  • Poutine_Paladin
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    Any gamer worth playing with will gladly help you play while you breastfeed. If it's uncomfortable for them to have you at the table, but you still want to play, there's a room down the hall, and a pair of cheap walkie-talkies at the store down the street, and someone can roll for you, while you're out of the room...or you can get your own dm screen for a different reason.

    I just had a baby (well I didn't...lady did) but she doesn't play...if she did, I guess I probably wouldn't want her whipping them out at the table, either, but I certainly wouldn't want her hanging out with people who wouldn't do what they could to help her out so she could continue to enjoy gaming as often as she wanted to.
  • JimTriche
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    I never understood the way some people take offense to breastfeeding. I mean, they're feeding and nurturing a child.

    It wouldn't be an issue in our group, though you might be uncomfortable with a few boob jokes here and there (all in good fun though).
  • Dra8er
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    I've got two kids, currently boy 14, girl 9. At their age they are actually playing! It's great to have a built in team! But when they were younger we either hired a sitter, sent them off to the grandparents or just let them cruise about while we were gaming. Obviously when they are very young they can't have small things, but when there a bit older you'd be amazed at how long they can occupy themselves with a bunch of colorful dice and miniatures. Even as youngsters, 4 & 5, I would have them play the role of the baddies, lol. A goblin is about as smart as a 5yr old IMO.

    Congrats on the new gamer!!!
  • sandman
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    bq). or you can get your own dm screen for a different reason.

    I guess that's one purpose WotC didn't include in the product description, haha.

    bq). A goblin is about as smart as a 5yr old IMO.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, so true, hahaha.
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  • jemmasmum
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    lol boob jokes dont bother me :)

    totally didnt think about using a dm screen for that purpose lol

    thanks for the support everyone!
  • FemmeLegion
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    Some of my least favorite gaming sessions were with people who brought their small children along.

    Part of it was because they didn't corral the kids thoroughly enough for my tastes. Another part of it is because I *do not* do well with small children. I once remarked at the noise level being generated by the kids, and two other gamers (not these spawn's parents, but having children themselves) mentioned that "this was nothing". Thankfully, the kids' dad ended up being enough of a dork on his own merits that *he* was disinvited from the campaign, but honestly if it hadn't come to that, it would have come to my leaving because I couldn't handle it.

    Strange as this sounds, I'm saying this as my own twisted way of being supportive. I mention this as a warning to you in case there's someone like that in your group. If you're doing everything you possibly can to be accommodating and someone's still acting like it's not enough...sometimes it really is them and not you. =)
  • Dyluth
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    I was once in a game with my sister both before and after she had a baby, and to be honest it didn't really change the game that much at all. The only big change was that the campaign was run from her and her husbands home (he was the GM) to better accommodate them and the baby.

    I have to say that some one of my favourite memories from that campaign was the image I have of my brother in law describing in great terrible detail the dangers and horrors facing our party while at the same time bouncing his daughter (my niece) on his knee to her delight and laughter.

    You just can't beat roleplaying memories like that.
  • jemmasmum
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    Another reason why im hoping to continue gaming with my baby is that its one of the few things that a) i can afford to do and b) still do with a baby

    being new to the area im in its hard, i dont know anyone or where anything is... this is my first child and I dont want to go psycho due to lack of fun and stimulating adult interaction... if that makes any sense...
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