Setting to put in to export from Campaign Cartographer 3 for maps

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I was wondering if anyone is using Campaign Cartographer 3 for their mapping work, and if you are then what settings have you found work best for exporting into JPG and then into Obsidian Portal. Also if you are interested and have never heard of CC3 check out I can highly recommend the software for the options and the company support.

Richard Downey
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  • arsheesh
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    Hey Richard, I am not familiar with CC3 myself (I use GIMP to do my own maps), but I know that there is a whole lot of great technical support, tips, mapping elements, and tutorials for CC3 over at the "Cartographers Guild":

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  • wsocrates
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    I do have CC3 and I will be adding them to my campain. I just got it so I am still working on making my maps so I have not saved any yet. But as soon as I do I will post it to here.
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