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Hi everybody! I just wanted to introduce myself, and request some aid from the gaming community. My name is Jay Beardsley, and recently I started a publishing venture in which I hope to, eventually someday, make a living from. First thing's first though, right now I just want to get my first game out there.
If you want to know about the core system for S&S, please read my latest blog post, and test it out. I would greatly appreciate the feedback. This is still a work-in-progress, so please any constructive criticism would be welcome. Try it out, let me know how it works out.
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  • DiceMasterNick
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    I can tell you straight off that Im not fond of "rolling for stats". I play D&D 3.5 where there are a few options to how you create a characters stats. One being the ability to roll them but another involves a system of buying "scores" for "points" not all that different from why you described in your blog. However, the number of points you have to build your character with are fixed.

    Point is, no matter what the rest of your game is like, the foundation for each players character is based on luck/chance. Therefor, by chance some player's characters will be better/stronger than others. You can try to justify this by saying a good player can compensate for a bad character... but good players want good characters too.
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  • SlatzG
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    I'm not fond of rolling for stats either, that's why character creation for S&S is purely based on points. Everyone gets the same number of points. The dice rolling is purely for task resolution, and it is my goal to determine if, in character creation, the number of points to buy attribute scores is enough, or if the attribute range is too low. I contemplated, instead of 0 to 4, making the attribute range from 1 to 5. The rules are still incomplete, and full character generation isn't entirely possible at the moment. Though I am testing a few ideas. As I said before, right now my goal is to simply figure out if I have the core task resolution system in sync with the attribute score range and the number of points alloted to them.
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