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Over the Christmas break I learned how to use GIMP and have recently used this new found knowledge to create some nifty navigational buttons that link all of my wiki pages back to my home page. For example, here is the "home": button that I use in my Tales of Darkmoon Vale campaign. I have also created other forms of graphics buttons such as the "Introduction": button as well. A few people have asked me about them, and while I have not yet had the time to sit down and write a basic tutorial for how to create such buttons full cloth using GIMP, I have however created "home" and "back" navigational buttons that I would like to make available to the Obsidian Portal community. You can find these at the "Navigation Buttons": wiki page of my Darkmoon Vale site. While I made several of these buttons that you are free to use, I would ask that you not use the "home" or the "back" button that I am using as the navigation buttons for my own site. I hope this is of use to some of you.




  • sandman
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    Thanks for sharing with the community arsheesh.

    Btw: how did you wrote the code in the wiki page without having it converted to Textile??
  • arsheesh
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    Oh that. What you do is enclose the code in HTML _pre_ tags: code . There is a tip on how to do this in Chainsaw's help and tips sticky.
  • arsheesh
    Posts: 850 edited March 2010
    By the way, I've added some new "Site Index" and "Recaps Main" graphics that are compatible with Grunn's "Custom Wiki Sidebar": site navigation system.


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  • DiceMasterNick
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    Heres a shout out to Arsheesh for his amazing works.
    Arsheesh thank you for being kind enough to create for me the "Custom Nav buttons": I now use on my wiki main page.
    Your work is much appreciated.
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