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Hello All,

With so many amazing campaign sites out there on the Portal, I am surprised to see so few featured campaign submissions in this forum. In fact, since presumably this is one of the places that the site administrators will be looking for fresh talent, I find it odd that this forum has been so little exploited. Perhaps one reason for this lacuna is that many DM's feel a bit sheepish about commending their own site for review. After all, if one's work is really that good, it seems that others will have taken notice without one's having to blow their own trumpet, and if its not all that good, well then, best not to draw too much attention to it. If I am correct in my diagnosis of the situation here, then it must be pointed out that for whatever reason, as of yet there have not been many campaigns submissions here made on any one else' behalf. Hence if you think that your campaign merits review, instead of waiting for others to take notice, you may have to take the initiative in letting the OP community know about your campaign.

In addressing what I consider to be an omission of talent due either to modesty or diffidence on the one hand, or apathy on the other, my goal here is to spur on others that are part of this community to either (a) submit your own campaigns for review, or; (b) submit those of your "favorite" campaigns that you feel are exemplary and worthy of praise. I believe that if more people are willing to do as I suggest, the portal, as a whole, will be enriched for it. For if a forum such as this were filled with high-caliber campaign sites, those new to the forum, or looking for ideas for improving their existing campaigns, would have an invaluable resource to draw upon in the examples featured here.

To this end, I would like to submit a couple of my own favorite campaigns for review for the coming month's featured campaign (I would submit my own as well, but feel that there is quite a bit more work that needs to be done to both of them before they are ready for presentation).

1. "Thrice the Brinded Cat":
2. "The Westerland's":

Both of these are examples of well formatted sites with interesting story archs (as evinced by their campaign logs/journals), and lots of other really neat features besides. I have many other favorites as well, which I will submit in future months, but I would also like to point out a couple of other excellent campaigns which have already been submitted, but in my opinion, warrant another look:

3. "The Minrothad Guilds":
4. "Runestone":

Well, I think that's enough to start the ball rolling. Once again, I encourage others to add their own favorite campaign sites (which may include their own) to the list of submissions. Help to make this forum what it was intended to be.




  • Idabrius
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    I'd like to add my campaign here; it's not particularly endowed with illustrations, but my maps are all original and there is a wealth of ever-expanding information on the wiki. The setting itself has been in use for around ten years, and has changed a great deal since its inception. I know I made a thread already, but if we're grouping all of the submissions into one thread/month (which seems smart) then I set mine forth here for the perusal (and critique) of my peers:

    "Abridged History of the 10th Age":
  • DiceMasterNick
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    I completely agree arsheesh. In fact, I very much want my campaign to be featured but I know it is still below my own standards of perfection.
    I work heard every day to build my site so that hopefully, perhaps by next month, I will have the glory of such recognition.
  • arsheesh
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    Idabrius, you've got a highly origional and rich world there, I particularly liked the poetry and first person perspectives that you give in your flavor texts. Thanks for sharing it with everyone. DiceMasterNick, I've really enjoyed watching your campaign take shape. I think you've definitely got an up-and-coming campaign here. I look forward to reading adventrue logs, and character bios once you bring your players on board with your site (keep your eyes on this one everyone).
  • Grokkit
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    I'll throw my campaign into the hat if at all possible:

    "Eberron - Eyes of the Lich Queen":

    It's a 4e conversion of an older Eberron Game. We are still fleshing out the latest logs from our last 2 games, but should be wrapped soon enough. Our next game begins 3/28 with the expectation to complete the adventure in the next month or so.

    Feel free to critique.
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  • arsheesh
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  • f_hayek
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    Sure, I'll submit my campaign. I feel we could use some of the other features more, but the adventure log is pretty thorough and is (hopefully) a pretty good read! There's a lot of amazing campaigns on this site, so any feedback is always appreciated!

    "The Boundary Lands":
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