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in need of a few good ideas... Im running a campaign in FR, the party is a band of mortals trained in sneaky sneaky stealthy operations by the zentharim and have now struck out on their own. What they are about to discover in the future is that they were actually something else before this mortal life in FR. They used to be the right hand of individual deities and in a mighty struggle between chaos and law (ninja'd from the old rod of seven parts) they were cast down as mortal souls with no memories when a mighty artifact was used against them, which was shattered and scattered across the planes as well. Now what I have in mind and need some ideas for is this... They have found one of the pieces of the rod and the chaotic and lawful powers swirling in the rod casts their minds back in time to play the characters they were before they were cast down to prime material plane... but what should they be going about in such a scenario? Should it be revolving around the event that shattered the artifact and cast them down? or something else entirely? I like the idea of throwing them back in time to play another character which in the future they will learn was actually themselves before they ended up as what they are now. I just cant get my head around what to I want them to be doing in such a scenario ... I hope someone can throw me a few good ideas :D

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    Drop them in a few rounds into an epic battle in the subterranean lair of a great beast... disoriented and unsure of what the hell just happened. Cut them out just before they score a victory and go back to the present campaign.
  • Dethstryke
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    From the "Teach a man to fish" department.

    "Take a look at this thread":

    In addition to suggestions, of course. :)
  • Bahne
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    ahh yeh i have read that one, but I was looking for suggestions and ideas specific for the storyline... if you had to take your players back in time to when they were planar beings servings as the right hand of a deity in the fight between law n chaos... what would your scenario/session be ?

    i'm also toying with the idea of having their old planar beings be chaotic and not the klich
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