Trouble joining a campaign

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I recently received an invite to our campaign page on OP, and the email was sent to what I will refer to as "Email 2" by the GM.

However, I already had an OP account with what I will refer to as "Email 1" on the website. I clicked on the invitation link in Email 2, and it said "This invitation is not for you." which I should have expected, different emails and all.

So I changed my OP account email from Email 1 to Email 2, thinking that should solve the problem, because Email 2 is where the invite was sent to.

But every time I click the invite link, it continues to tell me "This invitation is not for you." I've asked the GM to re-send the invite, but a re-send has no new link, just the same old link that is "not for me."

Everyone else has been able to join the campaign without problems, but none of them had a previously existing account.

Is there a way to fix this? A way to manually add someone to a campaign, or manually request to join a campaign myself?


  • onsilius
    Posts: 50
    Delete your cookies.
  • Lathian
    Posts: 1
    I too have a problem. Every time I click "Want to Join" and fill in the Name, Email, Msg. then click submit an error comes up saying something doesn't match the image. I assume there's supposed to be a security image for me to fill in but there's nothing there. What do I do?
  • onsilius
    Posts: 50
    Try it in a different browser.
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