Wizards of the Coast ending the Star Wars license

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Hello everyone. I'm a first time poster but a member for a few months now. I love Obsidian Portal and it's been a great way to host my campaign, a Star Wars Saga Edition campaign "Dawn of Darkness".


So you can imagine the disappointment when I found out that the Saga Edition as well as the Star Wars Miniatures game is being discontinued this spring when Wizards of the Coast will let their license with Lucas Films expire.


I guess the writing's been on the wall for a while now at WotC but still, it's too bad to see a great system come to the end of it's run. It's still a great system for anyone who's interested and I highly recommend it to new or veteran GM's looking to run a Star Wars game in any era you can imagine!


  • drubixcube
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    i played d6, d6r, d20, d20r, then saga.

    the printings come and go, the franchise lives on. some of us still pull out the west end games books to roll the bones now and then ...

    on a personal note, star wars tried to expand to far, too fast. the franchise has gotten out of control trying to fill in every minute of every gap. zahn did us a solid, TotJ was mind-blowing at the time, and there were a some stories here and there that did the scope and style of the original justice. for my money, saga edition was forced to encompass too much and, unlike WEG did not have the benefit of being able to "just make it up." the license is too big, everything had to be checked and include every possible EU setting.

    super side note: remember that when zahn was asked to write the sequels the only things lucas arts gave him as cannon was the movies and the WEG books. 'course they went on to s*** all over that genius, too.

    baaaaah, too many opinions. RIP saga.
  • Taloff
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    SWSE was a nice little gem that I felt didn't get the support it deserved. Back when it was released it's major selling point was being "a preview of 4th Edition D&D", which was not the right foot to start off with and wasn't 100% true. The sourcebooks were spaced out a little too far apart and were released with little fanfare. It's a shame, especially considering the release of SW:TOR next year (maybe ;p), but ultimately I'm not surprised.
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