Trying to drum up some readers for our Shadowrun campaign

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Hello everyone,
So my brother and I have been playing shadowrun over e-mail for about half a year now, and we decided to start using this site after seeing it on penny arcade. Unfortunately, there is pretty much no way on this site to browse through active campaigns, and even searching shadowrun just brings up a list of every shadowrun campaign, ever, in alphabetical order, unfortunately putting our game on like the 7th page.

So, I just thought I would see if I could drum up some interested readers in the forum.

And to the people in charge, these should be the first changes you make to the site! I don't see the point of a website to host campaigns if you can't even browse through them! Campaigns under the "Campaign" tab and the ones that come up in a search should be organized by recent activity and rating, not alphabetically!


  • Morrinn
    Posts: 166
    I believe they are working on a new system for browsing the Campaign list, there's a thread about it over here:
  • Talonious
    Posts: 6
    So is this still an active game?
  • Crusher
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    Yes, we're still playing! The GM has hit a busy patch in the meat world, but we plan to keep playing until the bitter end.
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