Greetings from Southwest Florida

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  • viz
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    My name is Dave, and I've been involved in roleplaying games since 1980. I still remember my first game session, where my Fighter Torgar was nauseated by Troglodyte stench. Probably my favorite RPG of all time is EarthDawn, which I played from 1994-2002.

    Right now, I'm running an Eberron campaign called Kith'takharos. I'm finding this to be difficult since it is the first time I've ever used someone else's setting, and no matter how many books I read, I find it hard to call my own. But after 23 game sessions, I think the campaign is moving along nicely.

    Definitely, my next campaign will use one of my own settings, which do have a number of EarthDawn elements.

    If anyone is curious, the icon by my name is the Sunburst Seal of Uqbar. It's from one of my past campaigns, possibly the best one.
  • Micah
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    Hi Viz!

    I had much the same experience when I ran a campaign in the Forgotten Realms. I found it helped me quite a bit to simply erase all the listed NPCs from existence. So, the world, cities, organizations, and pantheon remained, but I made up all new people. It also helped with the "20th level fighter in every village" that FR seems to suffer from.

    Kith'takharos looks like a great campaign, and 23 sessions is indeed a good indicator. Most campaigns don't last 5!

    Welcome and I hope you like the site!
  • geekevolved
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    Welcome and hello from the opposite side of the state (north and east ;))
  • AidanDark
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    Welcome! From Central Fl. (Orlando) here. I find it really difficult to use pre-created campaign settings as well and by the way your campaign looks really cool :D
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