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  • photoneater
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    Hello, I found this place via Gleemax actually, and was pleasantly surprised. It was everything I wanted Gleemax to be but it wasn't. Additionally, I've always lamented how after a campaign is over, all the great stories and characters and preparation seem to be lost to obscurity. Now, however, I can safely document for the future, and perhaps even share some ideas with others- which is a prospect I find to be very exciting.

    A bit about myself- I've been roleplaying for about as long as I could talk, to be honest, although I've only got about 4 years of experience with D&D proper. However, I've been involved with multiple freeform RPs over the years, and have always been in love with collaborative fiction and social games. Even as a child, my friends and I would construct elaborate worlds and persona to act out in the backyard, so gaming has always been an important part of my life.

    I'm a 25 year old gay male, but apparently I'm not very good at being one (inside joke, sorry). My partner and I have been together for 5 years, and we both enjoy gaming together regularly with our friends and family. I'm trying to nudge him into joining, too. I also enjoy console RPGs (and I'm unapologetic about that :P ), MTG, and a variety of other geeky things, as well as studying mythology and amateur photography.

    Well, that's about it. Hope to see you all around!
  • Micah
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    You're lucky! I've tried to get my wife into gaming, and she hates it. Maybe it's a guy thing ;)

    For those who don't know, photoneater is running "The Accretion Gospel":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/accretiongospel Here is an especially ironic quote from the adventure log:

    bq. The following is a brief summary of the events of the first 9 chapters...

    After that follows a veritable book covering tons of material and history. If that's brief, I can't wait to see what a fully-fleshed out story will look like.

    Anyways, welcome! We're always looking for prolific writers and people who love to chronicle their games.

    P.S. "Better than Gleemax" is exactly what we're shooting for. It really gets me steamed to hear people wax philosophic about what Gleemax may or may not become, when we already have quite a few of the features they've promised! So, if you want to help out, make sure to get the word out to all your Gleemax-loving (or hating) friends that there is a better alternative.
  • photoneater
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    I suppose it really is. Have you ever heard the old joke about the perfect girlfriend- you know, the one that, after you get done having sex, turns into your best friend, a Playstation, and a six pack? One of the few perks of being with a guy is that you basically get to live that punchline day in and day out.

    Haha. Yeah, I realize it was a lot to read. I was initially wanting to keep it pretty clipped, but as I was writing, I kept remembering all sorts of key scenes that would be necessary to explain in context to future events, and I would go back and add it in... and next thing you know, 20 or so paragraphs. :/

    Thanks for the welcome. As for "better than Gleemax", the intent may not be there, but it certainly has offered more that is relevant to what I expected than it has so far. Meanwhile, I did get my boy to join, he's already started to post on his campaign, but hasn't gotten around to adding much else- but knowing him, he will most likely have it packed with details in the course of a week or so. Anyway, thanks for the welcome!
  • AidanDark
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    Welcome Photoneater :)
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