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  • Thig
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    New to the site, but I've been playing for probably longer than most of those present have been alive. I also play out of Florida (North Florida, Madison to be specific), and have no group at current.
    The campaign I've begun posting is ultimately going to be a compilation of nearly all the information published for Ravenloft, twisted and spun in my own little devil-spawned way. It features a base-class level cap of 10, but potentially unlimited advancement via the "parting of the veil" of the secrets of the Mists.
    Classes, prestige classes, and knowledge of the setting is going to be pretty tightly regulated, and the "mysterious benefactor" concept will be quite important.
    I look forward to getting more info up here and hearing your input, not to mention contributing to your own creations!
  • Micah
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    Welcome, welcome!

    Your campaign looks intriguing. Do you have any players yet? As always, I recommend and if you're looking to meet other players. We hope to offer something similar soon, but for now we're focused on the blog and wiki stuff.

    Anyways, I look forward to watching your (future) players wade into the murk and mist of Ravenloft.
  • Thig
    Posts: 6
    Thanks, Micah!
    Still learning on this whole wiki format, so the road will be a bumpy one, but I have a ton of info to get posted up.
    Will check out the other sites for new players soon (no players currently). Thanks for the recommend!
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